Thread Faction Knicks!

Well this is a fun little project. It had never even crossed my mind to sew my own knickers. I’m a M&S multi-pack kind of gal and not ashamed of it. Then the opportunity came up to try Thread Faction’s new low-rise hipster briefs (which is actually the kind of knicker I wear if you must know) and so I gave it a go.

5 reasons why you should sew your own knickers

  1. So easy


    The lingerie elastic version. My sewing wasn’t neat enough to show you the complete knicker!

  2. Excellent use of scraps
  3. Satisfyingly quick project
  4. Custom knicks, obvs
  5. Comfort!

Number 5 was a total revelation to me. I never thought much about how comfy my every day knickers were, but it turns out they could be so much snugger on the bum!

I used this Thread Faction pattern that you can buy and download from Etsy. There are 4 options for finishing, and I made two different pairs: the fold over elastic and lingerie elastic versions.

Notes on the pattern… there’s quite a lot of blurb, but it is pretty helpful, especially the


The bum shot

part about measuring the stretch of jersey. When you cut out the pattern piece for the back (bum piece) it will seem massive, go with it! It wraps around to the front, so comes out fine at the end.

There also appears to be quite a lot more ease in the pattern attaching the gusset to the back-piece. The illustration is a little deceiving here, as it looks like the pieces will fit together as neatly as the front, whereas it actually needs quite a bit of easing.

Then finally, trimming with the elastic. Oh dear. Two important things to say here. Whichever way you pin the elastic into the briefs, it feels wrong. Check and double check! And finally, it is worth spending plenty of time sewing the elastic edge. I mean it… go really slowly as you will regret it if they don’t turn out as neat a you had hoped!

One last tip: I overlocked most of seams, and if you do too I recommend setting your overlocker to narrow, and then you’ll have just that little bit less bulk.

Ta da! You’ve made your own knickers. Now put them on and go and make some more.



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